Alliott Hadi Shahid has been providing forensic accounting services in the UAE since 1976. We are certified fraud examiners in the UAE and can certainly help you minimize and prevent unnecessary losses.

What is Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination?

Forensic accounting is the application of audit, investigative and analytical skills to resolve financial issues within the standards required by courts of law. Fraud examination is the procedure used to resolve allegations of fraud through the collection of evidence, including the investigation of systems and internal controls, and the detection of fraud circumstances.

Our teams are specialized with

  • Fraud Examination
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Royalty Audits
  • Damage Computation
  • Claims Analysis
  • Determination of Compliance
  • Forensic accounting and analysis
  • Investigations
  • Anti-money laundering 
  • Asset misappropriation 
  • Financial misrepresentation 

Building a robust anti-fraud program

With Fraud globally affecting operations across major countries, the MENA region also considers fraud as a biggest challenge even though laws and regulations are in place. Businesses still believe potential risks can occur due to non-compliant behavior leading to a major crisis. Building a solid anti-fraud program always helps prevention of fraud beforehand but requires investment in resources which business often neglect. An effective anti-fraud program is a must for any organizations focusing on growth and future.