Advisory Services

Companies must undergo business restructuring in the UAE when there are deteriorating financial fundamentals, poor earnings and performance, less revenue from sales, excessive debt, and the company is no longer competitive or too much competition in the industry.

Companies that want to work smoothly, efficiently, and prosper need to evolve through various life cycles and must undergo significant changes in their overall strategies, practices, and operational tactics. At the same time, it is most important to implement the correct business restructuring management.

Why choose Alliott Management Consulting for business restructuring in UAE?

  • We offer companies expertise and leadership to improve financial and operational performance.
  • We have more than 45 years of experience in business restructuring services.
  • With a strong operational culture and proven problem-solving approach, we can help companies solve their complex business issues and fortify operations, processes, systems, and people.
  • Our restructuring services include advising corporate management in times of crisis or change, stepping in to fill critical management roles and effectively manage the transition, and representing senior leaders in a wide range of restructurings, both in and out of court.