Advisory Services

A feasibility study in the UAE can give your project a necessary reality check. Realizing a project takes more than a good idea, and you need to consider some findings before starting a business, such as:

Is it profitable or cost-neutral in the long run?
Have we chosen the right location?
Is it possible to live up to the schedule and operating budget?

Alliott Management Consulting will consider your current conditions as the starting point and estimate the potentials in your project or business case to ensure that your vision is realistic, fundable, and socio-economically sustainable.

Are you looking for an INDUSTRIAL project to establish in any of the emirates of the UAE?

Across sectors, we will provide critical and unbiased feasibility studies that work as a solid basis for decision-makers and their prioritization of projects. Our team of experienced feasibility consultants in the UAE conducts studies in most of the industries, large projects of private companies and startups.

Our services within Feasibility Studies include:

With the help of our feasibility study consultants, a comprehensive report can be produced on various scenarios, including the strengths, weaknesses, and potential implications of every possible scenario. The project leaders should examine the results of the study, and assess whether or not the rewards of the proposal outweigh the risks involved.

Through the insight and expertise of our feasibility study consultants, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Northern Emirates businesses can determine the following:

  • Possible alternatives to the project
  • Business alternatives
  • New business opportunities
  • Potential stumbling blocks
  • Data necessary for making an informed decision on a proposal