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VAT return filing in UAE

We offer a comprehensive VAT service, which gives you a peace of mind.Our experienced VAT professionals will look after your VAT affairs and transactions. As your authorized VAT agent, we will deal with your VAT affairs on your behalf, reducing the burden on your business, while allowing the key officers and business owners in full control.
Our VAT agent service can be particularly beneficial for the branch of  foreign entities that would otherwise find it difficult dealing directly with the UAE VAT authorities, those companies who don’t have an accountant or otherwise needed to support their existing Accounting Department.

Our scope of work for VAT filing in UAE:

  • Preparing/reviewing your VAT returns
  • Preparation of your statistical declarations
  • We will also prepare a management report if there are noted exceptions in order to improve your controls and compliance with the laws and regulations.
VAT validity checks and planning
We will provide you with the assurance that your net VAT positions are accurate and within the bounds of the law. Businesses are given twenty-eight (28) days to file their returns at the end of the tax period.Given a limited time, complex organizations may find it very difficult to submit accurate returns, especially those with a huge volume of transactions and those who are registered as a VAT Group.   
Periodic checking of your internal controls and compliance level with VAT provisions can be very beneficial in many ways.This will ensure that you do not receive notification of any unexpected tax liabilities from VAT Authorities and also to keep your business in compliance with the laws and regulations. We can provide these periodic checks for you, ensuring that your controls and level of compliance stay at their most efficient.
Whichever solution is most approriate for your business or organizations, we will:
  • Quickly identify any areas for concerns or weakness in your accounting controls and systems.
  • Identify transactions which may not have been properly accounted for or incorrectly recorded
  • Identify potential ways to reduce your overall VAT liability, in a legal manner.
  • Recommend appropriate remedial actions to ensure that your processes, procedures and work force are fully aware of the VAT implications to all corners of your business or organization.
  • We will also prepare a management report if there are noted exceptions in order to improbe your controls and complaince with the laws and regulations.
  • We also provide comprehensive VAT planning advice regarding capital scheme transactions, reverse charge mechanism and other as the potential costs and saving of the VAT element of these transactions can be significant.
Our scope of works includes:
  • To help your reduce the risk of paying incorrect tax and identify leakages.
  • Assurance that your VAT liabilities are paid within the time and through teh correct mechanism.
  • Help to manage your cash flow.
  • Ensure that you comply with your statutory and leagl obligations.
  • Thorough investigation of your VAT risks and potential weaknesses within your accounting system.



Secondments will prove to be useful for those organization who lost their employees that handle the VAT affairs within the organization either by a long vacation leave or permanently.  We will send our experienced VAT specialist to handle your accounting and tax returns, on your behalf.