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VAT Registration in UAE

Registration for the VAT online must be taken seriously.  Accurate data and information are the basic requirements.  Incorrect information must be corrected within twenty (20) days and incomplete information submitted may delay the registration process.  All businesses failing to apply for registration within the timeframe specified by the Tax Law may result in both Tax Assessments and Administrative Penalties Assessment (Federal Law No. 7 of 2017, Tax Procedure Law, Article 24, Section 1-a). 

In order to avoid the inaccuracies of the information and delay in registrations, we will conduct a quick glance of the company’s industry, legal documents and financials, audited financial statements and internally generated reports and other information.  

Our scope of work for VAT implementation in UAE:

  • Assisting with VAT registration
  • Gathering of Accurate requirements and information
  • Making sure that your data are accurately entered at the time of registration