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In recent years, significant real estate development has been a signature feature of the UAE. From the tallest buildings in Dubai to the world-famous architects in Abu Dhabi, the UAE has meant development.

Development is much deeper than these high-profile projects. Physical infrastructure has transformed, with dedicated industrial areas, commercial clusters, free zones and massive mixed-use developments designed to provide additional tourist facilities and vastly increase retail and office space. Liberalized real estate and property laws generated unprecedented development in this sector.

How we can help our clients

Whether you’re in property management or real estate development, you’re presented with unique challenges to grow and maintain your business. Real estate values fluctuate, financing opportunities come and go and the laws and regulations surrounding the real estate industry are ever-changing.

Our real estate experts have the knowledge, insight and expertise to keep our clients one step ahead of the competition. In addition to public accounting, our team has worked for private real estate companies and consulting firms, so we know what you need to comply with state and local regulations and to ensure a healthy cash flow.
We offer custom accounting, tax, litigation support and business advisory services, all tailored to the real estate market. We work with companies of all sizes and have four (4) decades of industry experience. No matter if you’re involved in commercial or residential real estate, we’re familiar with your business and how it can achieve success.

Finding a good partner to help you deal with sales, management and financial challenges can determine your success. Our specialists can provide you with business and management insight to help you reach your goals.