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Consistency and accuracy are important aspects when it comes to payroll. Employees expect to get their compensation in a timely manner, and upon receiving their compensation, it is important that they receive the amount they are due. Otherwise, there will be dissatisfaction amongst employee ranks. As such, it is of utmost importance to get your payroll properly ironed out. If you have the size and the personnel, you can have it done in house. This can help ensure coordination and accuracy. However, if you have just launched your venture and do not have the resources to accommodate an in-house system, you can reach out to one of the leading payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered.

We provide scalable payroll services that can be implemented on businesses of any size or kind. Whether your business is a mid-sized enterprise, or a small business start-up, you can benefit from our payroll services. Dubai and Abu Dhabi businesses can utilise our diverse solutions to make their systems more efficient and effective. By outsourcing their payroll responsibilities, businesses can help promote productivity while simultaneously simplifying administrative tasks.

By allowing us to work in the background to keep your business running, you can focus on the more important aspect of building and developing your business, and generating profit. Once you partner with us, all we need is a list of all the employees registered under your company, the work hours they have logged, and other variances.

We will then process all the data, and request for the appropriate amount for disbursement to your employees. We can provide the employee compensation either through standard cheque or direct deposit to their respective bank accounts.

After everything is done, we will deliver a detailed and comprehensive report to you. This is to ensure that you are always informed of how your resources have been distributed. If you want to know more about our payroll services, please do not hesitate to call us today.