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Often thought of as the heart and soul of a country's economy, companies within the manufacturing industry produce everyday, common goods on a massive scale. These companies typically engage in very labor intensive productions and employ over 60,000 people, who are in effect the farmers of industrialization.

Global competition, complex company structures, and emerging markets are challenging current business capabilities, while providing opportunities for prepared companies to gain market share. To successfully compete, manufacturing companies must create more effective sales and marketing strategies, develop efficient production and support processes, streamline overall costs, and manage working capital tightly to meet top-line and bottom-line expectations.

Alliott Gulf Limited has successfully managed and partnered with leading manufacturing companies to improve operational and financial performance and resolve issues related to capital structures. As one of the few multi-disciplinary professional services firms with an international global presence, AGL combines local market knowledge, an understanding of industry-wide trends, and worldwide connectivity and coordination to maximize returns to stakeholders. AGL professionals not only make recommendations to enhance profit margins, but design and provide hands-on implementation of plans to drive and achieve real results.

Alliott Gulf Limited delivers:

• Development and evaluation of various recapitalization scenarios
• Analysis of projected cash flows
• Review of operations and forecasts
• Assistance to develop asset liquidation values
• Utilization of our wide industry and financial community contacts
• Creditor advisory
• Access to third-party equity
• Interim management in critical functional roles