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In an increasingly global business environment, you need exceptional people in your international operations to deliver on your global goals.  Your international assignment programme should attract and retain top players.  This means looking at a whole range of questions, including:
·         the movement of people across borders – legal, logistical and other requirements;
·         competitive salary and benefits packages for various world regions;
·         legal, regulatory and tax concerns for multiple jurisdictions; and
·         international human resource (HR) programmes and policies to meet the needs of a widespread and diverse workforce.
You want to ensure that your employees are motivated and satisfied, your global business enhanced and your organization’s achievements reflected in bottom-line results.  You also need to be comfortable that your programme policies and practices are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
Most companies, regardless of size or location, need expert help and support to deliver international HR programmes – which is where the International Assignment Services (IAS) practice of Alliott Hadi Shahid comes in.  Through our IAS professionals, you have access to a wide variety of experiences and skills, extensive specialization, strength in depth and a powerful global network of tax and related resources.  We can help you to address and manage the specific challenges of a global workforce.