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Consider Alliott Hadi Shahid, your trusted Internal audit firms in Dubai

Typically involves examining of internal processes, controls and business functions and prepare a thorough report what’s been reviewed. Organizations are optimistic about their growth plans but there are some questions which bother.

Are we dealing with risk?.....Are our internal controls efficient?.....Have our decisions been productive or do we need an expert advice?....At the end of the day these questions are critical and needs to be addressed immediately. An internal audit provides all the answers with remedies and recommendations.


Fusion of internal Audit and Data Analytics

Today’s world has been impacted because of the digital transformation. In this fast and dynamic phase business have focused greatly on implementing digital terminologies. Advanced technologies such as AI, Bigdata and Cloud computing, the future predicts a new digital era into accountancy. If Business push for data analytics will improve performance for the organization and increase credibility with its stakeholders.


As internal Auditing firm we

  • Ensure that the internal audits are well planned and in line with the overall objectives of organizations.
  • Assess risk and placement of internal controls
  • Understand the scope of work and in depth analyses of internal systems
  • Determine if revenues are reasonable and are properly controlled and appropriately recorded.
  • Provide valuable information and suggestions improving your business.
  • Ensure work deadlines are met.