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Financial Feasibility Study Dubai

A feasibility study is essential in the initial stages of a project. It can enable an institution or organization to assess the viability, cost and benefits of a project or financial decision prior to the allocation of resources. In addition, it helps in obtaining an objective assessment of a project.

Guided by the data provided by thefinancial feasibility study, Dubai companiescan provide salient points rationalizing the implementation of a particular project. Often, a study is a prerequisite for acquiring the approval of any funding request. It also helps in determining the order of priority in project management. A feasibility study will help justify which projects should be put in higher priority over others and why. It will also summarize a project’s particular strengths and weaknesses, making the information easier to process for investors and shareholders.

In summary, an assessment study can help in the following areas:

  • Identify the business objectives that are meant to be accomplished by the project as per its design,including the critical success factors.
  • Determine alternative methods for achieving business requirements.
  • Analysis of cost against benefits, and the risks that are entailed.
  • Determining the optimum approach for preparing a business case, or progressing through theexecution of the project.

Feasibility studies and business cases can help provide answers to the following concerns:

  • Objective scrutiny and examination of the alternatives
  • Potential result of each choice on all relevant areas of concern
  • Cost and consequence of not taking any action as opposed to taking action
  • Potential impact of the project on the different interest groups

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