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Helping clients take better decisions through due diligence services in Dubai and UAE

When acquiring or investing in a business of your interest it is important that you examine the benefits and risks. Remember that when you are investing a huge sum without a proper background check can be disastrous. No matter how big or small the entity might be, doing a proper due intelligence will guide you in the right direction of your investment. Due Diligence possibly answers your question “is it worth an investment?”


Our Due Diligence Services:

Financial Due Diligence:

This is a process of determining the financial consistency of a company for a potential buyer. We help clients with evaluation of financial statements, assets, liabilities and risks. Usually companies expand their core business by acquiring businesses under same category or dealing with same services. Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered Accountants performs an in depth analyses and provides a checklist making sure the deal meets the clients business objectives. We have a great reputation of being a top firm in UAE with great client satisfaction.

Business/Market Due Diligence:

We provide advisory services to clients on matters throughout the entire process of merger or acquisition. We help you to gain important insights on factors regarding to growth, demographics, competitors and other key factors. Our analyses will help your execution plans, reducing efforts maximizing value.