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The planning, budgeting, and forecasting process is one of the last great frontiers of re-engineering. While many companies have already made great strides in other areas of finance, the process that ultimately can drive the greatest value too often remains untouched. Perhaps this is due to the political challenges of changing a deeply ingrained process or widespread belief about how things are done. But these are precisely the reasons why companies must consider a more modern approach to financial planning. Competitors that do a better job of linking financial plans to strategy will quickly put themselves in a more advantageous strategic position.
AHS can help you shift your planning, budgeting, and reporting process so that it supports your organization’s strategy and the operational plans that drive it. Companies will realize a number of benefits from working with AHS to enhance their planning processes:
·         Reduce planning cycles from months to weeks
·         Create alignment of strategy, operational plans, financial plans, and individual and organizational performance measures
·         Manage short-term performance while effectively allocating resources to achieve longer-term strategic objectives
·         Implement rolling forecasts that support managing the business across periods rather than one-year increments
·         Eliminate the gaming of budgets and reduce the corporate politics surrounding the budgeting process
·         Focus on key performance indicators rather than meaningless account-level data
·         Increase collaboration in the process at all levels of the organization, using simple forms and the language of front-line managers
·         Effectively use technology to streamline the planning process and improve management reporting and decision-making
·         Move to an integrated planning and reporting process that provides “one version of the truth”
·         Implement a sustainable process improvement framework that supports corporate strategy, allocates resources efficiently and manages costs
·         Manage the complex organizational change associated with the shift in philosophy from budgeting to financial planning