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Make smart decisions with a feasibility study – UAE consultants from Alliott

A feasibility analysis is a study of the viability of a proposal, taking into consideration different factors, to determine whether or not it is worth executing, and if it contributes to the fulfilment of the organization’s long-term objectives. Business proposals are often subjected to feasibility studies in order to determine whether or not they are viable. With a feasibility study, UAE organizations can find out whether a venture such as a start-up, an acquisition, or an expansion could be beneficial in the long run.

The cost of a feasibility analysis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE

A feasibility or market analysis takes a lot of time and resources. However, the consequences of not conducting a study prior to an important business decision may result to more substantial losses in the future in the form of uninformed financial decisions, which can be critical in a market as competitive as Dubai. As such, it is important to conduct a pre-feasibility analysis in order to find out whether a proposal has the potential to be viable. Such an analysis can be done by members of your business committee or by an independent consultant. A good starting point would be to find out whether your idea has market viability by conducting a market analysis. If a proposal has market viability, you can move forward with the feasibility analysis, using the data collected from the market viability study as a basis.

What to expect from Alliott consultants – the leading experts in Dubai and the UAE?

With the help of our feasibility study consultants, a comprehensive report can be produced on various scenarios, including the strengths, weaknesses, and potential implications of every possible scenario. The project leaders should examine the results of the study, and assess whether or not the rewards of the proposal outweigh the risks involved. Through the insight and expertise of our feasibility study consultants, Dubai and Abu Dhabi businesses can determine the following:

  • Possible alternatives to the project
  • Business alternatives
  • New business opportunities
  • Potential stumbling blocks
  • Data necessary for making an informed decision on a proposal