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As the pace of business intensifies and globalization grows, the possibility of disputes and other difficulties arise more frequently. And when rules are broken- unintentionally or otherwise - organizations are exposed to risks and problems that they are often not used to dealing with, from fraud and abuse to errors and differences in understanding. Whether these challenges involve dealing across borders with customers, joint venture partners, and foreign governments, or whether they are localized to your own country, they may involve different business cultures and legal systems, as well as unfamiliar regulatory and accountability requirements. Every organization is vulnerable. The risk is real and worrisome.
The services we provide include:

Dispute support services

• General commercial disputes
• Transaction-related disputes
• Intellectual property disputes
• Antitrust/competition disputes
• Environmental disputes
• Capital project disputes
• Government contract disputes

Forensic accounting and analysis

• Business Analytics
• Licensing Management Services
• Insurance Claims Services


• Anti-money laundering
• Asset misappropriation
• Corruption & bribery
• Financial misrepresentation
• SEC & regulatory investigations

Forensic Technology Solutions

Our team of technologists works with accountants and finance professionals to provide a unique approaches to complex business matters. Bringing together data analysis techniques with proprietary soft- and hardware and by using advanced investigative techniques, we can identify, seize and analyze information (and secure evidence) located on a computer system or other storage media.