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CSR – a way through which businesses tend to give back to the society along with a focus towards social and economic factors considering the entire community within its scope. In recent years, corporate social responsibility has become an important part of corporate culture where employees and management frequently engaging themselves raising awareness programs and philanthropy. Over the years charity and fund raising events have gained popularity with businesses being part of a giving initiative providing opportunity for employees to be socially responsible.

Corporate social responsibility in UAE

With turbulent atmosphere engulfing nations across the globe displaced millions due to war crimes and disasters UAE has taken number of measures and initiatives for businesses across UAE. When it comes to charity and relief UAE has always responded well providing financial help and relief materials to the afflicted countries.


In 2018, UAE plans to set up corporate social responsibility fund to promote social responsibility culture and implement community related projects. The fund will be set up as per Cabinet decision No. 2 for 2018 on corporate social responsibility (CSR), issued by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The fund aims to set regulatory framework for social responsibility practices, define roles and responsibilities of relevant authorities to regulate and stimulate social responsibility at companies and corporates.


Corporate Social responsibility – Know the benefits

  • Promotes Brand awareness and improves reputation.
  • Motivates top management team think on their business practices to reduce operating costs.
  • Increased chances of attracting new investors.
  • Government intervention to regulate business minimizes.
  • Improve yields increase profit by incorporating CSR in a long run.
  • Better employee relations increasing employee retention rate.
  • Stronger Relations within Communities through Stakeholder Engagement.


We help to build your corporate social responsibility program

At Alliott Hadi Shahid, our team consists of professionals specialized in providing guidance and framework for adopting Corporate social responsibility policies. We are focused on projects involved in implementation and analyses for Business sustainability. We will help you discover simple strategies, partnerships, and opportunities that empower your employees to improve lives while embracing your mission objective for effective community engagement. Often CSR is challenging to undertake considering the factors like time and cost, but our efforts to provide an effective structure will help you execute CSR initiatives more efficiently.