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Maintaining a high-quality financial reporting structure raises concerns about:

• Late delivery of information
• Inconsistencies between internal and external reports
• Manual intervention, increasing the number of errors
• Outdated processes
• Lack of transparency

Alliott Management Consulting’s Global Advisory Services team works with the firm's clients to develop their finance departments. We look in detail at the reporting infrastructure and the demands made on it. We help clients take a balanced approach to satisfying immediate and future requirements, while working to keep development costs down.

How Alliott Management Consulting Can Help?

AMC firms can help with both short and long term issues. Our initial approach may be to help clients with:

• Meeting new accounting standards
• Coordinating systems following a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or restructure
• Coping with new applications
• Transition to a financial shared services center

In the longer term, we can take a look at broader strategies. We can help finance departments take advantage of new processes and technology and achieve a balance between performance, risk, and control.

Our tools and methodologies help clients align finance objectives more closely with their broader business growth.

Our cross functional approach helps companies both to improve their business planning and anticipate volatility of performance.

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