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Business mapping will help you to identify the impact of VAT in your organization.  It is highly recommended that the business mapping should be given a priority for businesses, before the actual implementation of VAT.  Each organization should be ready and armed with ideas on how VAT affects their respective business, what are the required documentations and record maintenance, identify process and understand and improve their business processes in order to cater for the VAT. Well documented and streamlined processes are essential for a smooth functioning of a team as they help ensure consistency, compliance with laws and regulations, keeping up with the cash flow requirements and focus towards an organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.  

Scope of works  includes:

  • Map all the relevant process within the organizations and on Group level for the VAT Group
  • We will prepare a detailed assessment of your business, be it individually or group level, and identify the VAT impact in all corners of your organization
  • The assesment includes, but not limited to
  1. Accounting Department
  2. Sales Department
  3. Purchasing and logistics
  4. Accounting System and IT Department
  5. Budgeting and cash flows
  6. Related party transactions


We are working with medium sized entities to complex organizations, non-for-profit organisation, and all types of industries in the GCC region.  With our experience, we will be able to provide you with cost effective, straightforward tax advice tailored specifically to your requirements.

We also keep a close eye on decisions reached within the UAE and other GCC region cases and ensure that you will be informed about rulings which may have implications for your business.

As members of Alliott Group, we have access to an experienced pool of tax advisers in over 75 countries. As such, we can assist with simple compliance as well as complex investigations and appeals across the globe.

We can provide you with VAT advice on:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction projects
  • Capital expenditures
  • International VAT
  • VAT margin schemed and reverse charge mechanism
  • Recovery of VAT (UAE and other GCC) through our allied firm in the region
  • and much more


With the support of Alliott Group in the UK and through our partner Legal Firms in the main land and our very own tax specialists, we will provide you with assistance in both the assessment, appeals and at every stage of the process, we will be there to cater for whatever expert legal advice you will be requiring. 


We will conduct VAT training for your employees of your organizations and empower them to know all the concepts of VAT.  We will have a quick glance of your organization in order to adjust our scope of training that will match their actual responsibilities in the organizations.  

Our VAT in-house training general scopes are as follows:

  • Basic of Taxations
  1. Understand the theory behind the taxation
  • Concepts of VAT
  1. Understand the history, basic concept of VAT
  2. Differences between the VAT, GST and Sales Tax Advantages and disadvantages of VAT
  3. Group VAT and how it works
  • VAT history and updates in the UAE as of date
  • VAT Computations
  1. Definitions of terms
  2. Differentiate Input VAT and Output VAT
  3. Categorize the supplies for VAT calculation
  4. Understand the impact of VAT on the each major industries to GCC region
  5. Discussions of both Federal Law No. 7 of 2017 Tax Procedure Law and Federal Decree-Law
  6. No 8  of 2017 on VAT (Full discussion on relevant articles with example computations on each)
  7. Prepare the invoices including VAT and documentation requirements
  8. Understand the VAT registration process and prepare required documents
  9. Case studies
  • How to prepare for the VAT