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Company liquidation in Dubai

Closing a company can be tedious process unless all the necessary formalities are not done.As a matter of getsure and goodwill,it is required to inform your liabilities to creditors,lessors and shareholders. The process initially starts with applying for cancellation at 
the DED and get clearances from MHRE,Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, leasing entity. The process might be longer for shareholding companies liquidating the shares, clearing debts and settlement of payment.

Company liquidation for Freezones

Freezone companies have to prior notify their freezone authority before shutting down business and follow the required guidelines.The duration depends as per the freezones agreement. This requires NOC from respective government entitites with the cancellation of employee visa after compensation.
Closing business in DMCC
Application can be submitted through DMCC Member Portal.The application will then be verified and processed, which includes publication of notice of termination in a local Arabic newspaper.

Closing business in JAFZA

Shareholders must decide and notify the customer relations department through exit interview after which the leasing department will be contacted to terminate existing leasing agreements. There are set of clearances that need to be obtained from customs,DEWA,Etisalat and RTA to ensure no pending dues to the respective authorities.Includes clearance from Visa and Emigration department regarding the clearance of employee dues and benefits as per the law. Finally displaying ad on local newspaper highlighting the company closure details for 15 days before the entire process comes to end.
Closing business in RAK Economic Zone
Submit deregistration application along with clearance documents from RAK customs and chamber of commerce if applicable, telecommunciation,FEWA and traffic department. Submit visa cancellation request and collect the deregistration letter from RAZ Freezone authority.
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