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Why business tax efficiency matters
Tax is a component of shareholder value and so is not just the concern of the tax department. A company’s combined direct and indirect tax burden can represent a huge sum, while there can be significant penalties in failing to get the compliance process right. Tax therefore plays a key role in protecting and enhancing shareholder value. It can make or break an acquisition, an investment or virtually any kind of corporate activity that involves spending – or receiving – money.
How we can help
Alliott Hadi Shahid’s global network of business tax professionals have the skills, commitment and experience to help with a company’s corporate tax burden. For example:
·         International Corporate Tax, which provides the global tax planning required by global companies.
·         Global Indirect Tax Services, which addresses our member firms clients’ indirect tax issues on both a national and cross-border basis.
    • Global Transfer Pricing Services, which brings economic, tax and financial analysis skills to bear on transfer pricing issues.
    • Global Tax Outsourcing, which provides outsourced tax compliance and related accounting services to national and international companies.
    • Global Mergers & Acquisitions, which helps businesses extract the greatest possible tax value from their corporate transactions.
    • International Executive Services, which helps our member firms’ corporate clients, achieve effective tax compliance and planning for their expatriate populations.
Why choose Alliott Hadi Shahid?
The business tax advice and practical support we provide is characterized by multi-disciplinary working, in-depth technical knowledge and a keen sense of value.
The services our professionals deliver help companies tackle their existing tax compliance and planning issues. They are also designed to anticipate future tax developments and opportunities which can be used to create additional value for companies and their shareholders.