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Throughout decades of professional services in UAE, Alliott Hadi Shahid has been considered as a most trustable accountants & bank approved auditors in Dubai.

In order to achieve sustainable development organizations across countries have to inspect their process to ensure maximum compliance. Financial success often comes if companies strictly adhere to financial discipline keeping in mind of the business goals. The fears of economic downturn cannot be overthrown as a result assessment of corporate governance can be done through auditing. The main objective is to validate the fairness of the profit or validate the truth of all the valuations produced by the internal auditors.


What is our audit approach?

We consider managing the project as a top priority

Are you looking for a customized Audit?......Every client of us have a more predefined project management plans and we coordinate accordingly whether it is auditing schedule or meeting the work deadlines. We ensure that our services are efficient and cost effective which provides a long term benefit for the organization.

Assessing Risk factors is an important phase of our Audit

We assess the risk that errors or fraud may cause a material misstatement of the financial statements.  We next decide whether the identified risks of material misstatement relate to specific relevant assertions related to significant account balances, classes of transactions, or disclosures, or whether they relate to the financial statements taken as a whole and potentially affect many relevant assertions.

Keep you communicated throughout the process

We communicate closely and regularly with your audit committee, CFO, controller and accounting staff during the audit process. From preliminary audit planning and work, through delivery of reports and communication of internal control related materials, we strive to keep you informed.


Benefits of External Auditing

  • Unbiased and independent evaluation of a business finances.
  • Assessment of internal controls.
  • Error free financial statements.
  • Compliance with government Regulations


Our key Audit and Assurance services

Financial and Compliance Audit:

In simple terms financial audit means examine a financial record of a business. As business grows and scales up to the peak level the complexity of maintaining the financial sheets increases thus making the accuracy of reports more challenging. In order to overcome the fear of inaccuracy, the external auditing firms provides rectification to crosscheck performance which is reliable and offers assurance.

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Internal Audit:

Restructuring and discovering new processes to improve and achieve business objectives compatible with the changing environment is a must. Internal audit is just the means to judge the productivity output and gives the chance of reflecting in which direction business is heading towards.

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Forensic Audit:

It’s not something that’s often heard that companies have experienced fraud. With the advance of technology fraudsters have found new ways of duping, even though all transactional activity have been monitored keeping a hawk eye on all its employees. The organizations failing to react quickly due to negligence have ended being shut or losing huge sum.

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Due Diligence:

Investors needs to make a right decision whether to move ahead with the acquisition of the target business. Due diligence forecasts the past, present and future of the business giving more transparency of the potentiality of the business. The insights given will be taken into account by the investor which helps in the decision making.


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