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Our core assurance and specialty advisory services can help you deal effectively with the myriad of issues facing business today. And, you can expect globally consistent, seamless service. Around the world, our Alliott Group member firm professionals apply the same methodology, access shared knowledge, technology and learning resources, and collaborate in real-time across our extensive communications network.


Companies worldwide now have greater need for fraud detection, identification of information technology vulnerabilities, internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, and internal control reporting services.

Assurance Assurance

Our commitment to the quality of our audits is demonstrated by our global methodology and our thorough quality controls that are applied to every client engagement. Read More...

Assurance Business Risk

Today’s business environment requires highly qualified risk functions with the flexibility to address a continuously changing risk profile. Alliott Management Consulting’s Business Risk Services offers a suite of strategic, outsourcing, and industry-focused operational services that help companies around the world evaluate and enhance their internal audit and risk management functions. We can help your company get more from its internal audit and risk management functions. By leveraging and sharing their operational knowledge and in-depth industry experience, our Business Risk Services professionals help you develop effective approaches to internal audit and risk management. Read More...

Assurance Technology and Security Risks

Today, the health and viability of most businesses is heavily dependent on the strength and security of their information technology (IT) infrastructure. Read More...