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We frequently come across television and internet with reports of frauds and scams. Fraudsters are intelligent and crooked with a criminal mastermind. Tracking frauds is not an easy task. With the technology helping for the betterment of human lives, it has also been a fraudster’s magic wand. Even though forensic auditing is not a new concept, the demand is on a rise owing to the modern world crime. Forensic Auditing tracks down the evidence committed in a fraud used for a legal investigation. Not to forget, you need a certified fraud examiner who can be resourceful and capable of performing this audit.


Our teams are specialized with

  • Fraud Detection
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Royalty Audits
  • Damage Computation
  • Claims Analysis
  • Determination of Compliance
  • Forensic accounting and analysis
  • Business Analytics 
  • Licensing Management Services 
  • Insurance Claims Services
  • Investigations
  • Anti-money laundering 
  • Asset misappropriation 
  • Corruption & bribery 
  • Financial misrepresentation 
  • SEC & regulatory investigations


Building a robust anti-fraud program

With Fraud globally affecting operations across major countries, the MENA region also considers fraud as a biggest challenge even though laws and regulations are in place. Businesses still believe potential risks can occur due to non-compliant behavior leading to a major crisis. Building a solid anti-fraud program always helps prevention of fraud beforehand but requires investment in resources which business often neglect. An effective anti-fraud program is a must for any organizations focusing on growth and future.