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Alliott is an international alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Founded in 1979, this alliance of independent firms now has 190 member firms operating in 65 countries.

Our global footprint stretches across every continent. The culture of sharing, contributing, and cooperating forms the backbone of the group’s overall ethos and activities.

Improving through Sharing

Membership to the Alliott Group offers independent firms the opportunity to extend nationally, regionally, and globally with their clients through access to other firms of like- minded professionals committed to providing the highest standards of service.

Each member firm undergoes a thorough screening process in their application to the group, including a review of the firm's latest peer reviews or an on- site review where a peer review is not available. Each member firm is assessed throughout their membership to ensure that they continue to operate on and meet all Alliott Group criteria.

As a result of our application process and on-going assessments, our members are among the most respected forward- thinking firms in their respective countries

Work without Boundaries

Our members’ approach to business through cooperation and transparency is a refreshing one and enables the members to share knowledge, to mix with like- minded professionals and to provide their clients with support on national, regional, and global levels.

We are different from other associations and networks in that we do not just focus on one aspect of business. Instead, through our alliance with national, regional and international accounting, legal and consulting firms,  we, Alliott Group members can offer our clients the resources one might expect only from a very large firm.