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Retail is the ‘industry that never sleeps’ – constantly measuring sales and keeping its finger on the consumer pulse. Today, this core skill is being tested to the limit as retailers fight to get profits back to pre-downturn levels.

This is against a backdrop of rapid industry evolution. E-commerce is now an integrated part of retail, not an add-on. Firms need to know how to use it to their advantage. And as well as having rapidly become web-literate, consumers are taking an interest in sustainability: another source of opportunity for the agile retailer.

ACP helps famous brands globally to meet these challenges. We help our clients to:

• improve organizational effectiveness by creating structures that enable firms to deal with rapid change
• develop the leadership teams this highly complex market demands
• create people and remuneration strategies that balance the need for employee motivation with shareholder and public scrutiny
• understand employee motivation using surveys in order to build employee engagement.