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AHS’ Tax services are designed to reflect the unique needs and objectives of each client, whether we are dealing with the tax aspects of a cross-border acquisition or developing and helping to implement a global transfer pricing strategy. In practical terms, that means we work with their clients to assist them in achieving effective tax compliance and managing tax risks, while helping to control costs.

Technical excellence.  Mastery of the tax codes.  Pursuit of best practices.  These are what you should expect, even demand, from your tax professionals.  For AHS, this is our starting point.  We view our role as your tax accountants, advisors, and strategists.

All-Inclusive View Of Taxation’s Reach:  AHS weighs the tax impact on every element of your big picture — individual and family needs, economics, business conditions, industry issues, trends.  No pertinent aspect escapes consideration.

Mastering Transactions:  Carefully balancing economic and tax considerations, each facet of a transaction is reviewed, negotiation points are discussed, ideas are suggested, — all with a view towards achieving your goals.

Wealth Transferred With Little Or No Tax Impact:
We develop estate planning, gifting, and trust strategies that can curb or even eliminate the tax bite on you and your heirs.

Dedicated Tax Teams:  Whether the issue is federal, state, local, or international, clients can tap into AHS professionals who concentrate in specific areas of taxation.

Understanding The Accounting and Legal Issues:  We speak the language of both the businessperson and legal professional.  A majority of our tax partners and professionals are CPAs and attorneys — with many holding other advanced degrees.